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SeattleTA  provides investment managers technical analysis of the equity, fixed-income, commodity, and currency markets.



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Seattle Technical Advisors is the leading authority on the market timing methods of George Lindsay

Subscriptions include the Daily Commentary and weekly Market Update research reports, access to the library of articles and videos, as well as access to the MTA Podcast Series; a series of interviews with the best technical analysts in the world.





Summary Description

The Daily Commentary is prepared and ready prior to each day's opening bell.  It is a quick update on the previous day's market action and the place to look for the latest market signals/recommendations.

The weekly Market Update report. An in-depth report which includes charts and commentary as well as the internal indicators we follow. It is the best way to start your week and is updated prior to the market opening every Monday.

Foreign Markets: Our goal is to have coverage of both developed and emerging markets outside the U.S. The Nikkei 225 index was chosen as the developed market due to Japan's role as a gateway to Asia, the Nikkei's role as an historical analogue to US domestic markets, and the plethora of ETFs available to trade this market. The FTSE/Xinhua25 (FXI) is followed due to China's importance in the global economy as well as the fact that long and short ETFs are available for trading.

US Treasuries: Bonds are used for a diversification tool, as well as income, in most portfolios. SeattleTA covers risk-free treasuries, rather than corporate bonds, in an attempt to further diversify this asset class (bonds) away from the corporate risk which is inherent in both equities and corporate bonds.




Commodities: SeattleTA covers the two most popular and important commodities on the planet: Crude Oil and Gold. Despite recent moves toward clean energy, the "modern" world still runs on oil. Gold, or the 'barbaric relic' has maintained its importance for thousands of years.



"Best Investment Book
   of the Year"
-Stock Traders Almanac, 2012



Currencies: the US Dollar, Euro, and the Japanese Yen. The Yen is a broadly traded, liquid currency and tracking it helps in trading the Nikkei, just as following the Dollar and Euro helps in trading US domestic equity markets.








Library: The library includes both videos and articles which should be of interest to anyone following the markets as well as those who wish to increase their knowledge of technical analysis.




MTA Podcasts: The Market Technicians Association sponsors interviews with technician of importance. Past guests have included Robert Prechter, Martin Pring, and Tom DeMark.










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